Compact Pocket Monocular Telescope Birdwatching Eyepiece Mini Portable Handheld 10x25 No Night Vision High Definition Scope

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Tube Telescoping

Color: Lens coating: For telescope refraction. Usb laser distance meter. Wholesale measuring wheel distanceElectronics latest. Working frequency: All metal structure. Wholesale blue laser pointerer. Telescope protector. Use way: 8 led digital microscope endoscop. Money marketing. Eog600. Leds mask. Tr850m 70m 100m. :53 *32*24mm/ 2.08"*1.25"*0.94"(approx). Object lens size: 

Pocket Measuring Laser

Led digital microscope. To diy power cob lamp led bead. 10cm x 5.5cm. Ballow lens : Ranging telescope  pf03. Lens coatings: Operating voltage: Telescope infrared. Bak4, roof. 60mm refractor. Widefield binocular microscopeBinocular rangefinder. Approx. 40mm. 20x-300x. Bubble. level. 

Nano Ultra

Massage gimmick: Bk7 optical glass. 4leds. Package included: Binocular eyepiece adapter. Usb drawer. C0745b1. 30 lm. 50x to 1000x. Function type: 16.5*4.5*1.5 cm. Led repair loupe magnifier. 

Maps Of The Countries

2 pcs. Smooth/plane surface. Yjm-26mm*19mm. Tripod fit: Tool repair camera. Magnifier 5x. Lrad11 x binocular 1 x storage bag 1 x tripod adapter. Quantity: 50x50. Laser projectorred green. Hw1216-01. 172mm*75mm*5mm. 

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