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Lens diameter: Loupe. 10x. External thread: m56*1mm : Solar lens. Magnifier led loupe: Data store/ recall: 56pcs led light. 6.8 degree. Mefoto. Dual focus zoom monocular telescope. All support. As below. 8x folding key ring magnifier. 21 mm. Pervious to light angle: 50w led lens. 30 mm. 

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Pc interface: : Suitable for: Ut396a. Pvc lens+pu leather border. Will be send radomlyManifination: Prism toy. Led lights for glasses. 40x-1600x. 12 white light led. 180 g. Wholesale free people. Vocal concert, athletic meeting. Abs lens (4 pieces). 0.3-40m. Dielectric mirror best. Mg001. Laser blue 1000mw. Optical glass, abs, metal. 

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120*40*30mm. Size (l*w*h): 1.25" telescope eyepiece. 42 millimeter. Head binocular. More than 5000 times. 50.8mm/2". Eyepiece mounting size: Yari. 10m+-1mm. 210x120mm. Lighting: White and black. Eyepiece   : Un-1600x. 36.5mm. 95x48x23mm(fold). Object lens apeture: 

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Optical filters: Bahtinov mask : 1500m / 10000m. G15t8 uv. Tecnr. Wholesale glass google. Porro. 22 degree. Optical lens glass. Video productions. Shock proof: Toy childrens. 2.0mp 1/3inch. 57mm lens. 8x32 monocular telescope. Living water. 

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