40m Large round current clamp Digital Phase Volt Ampere Meter with 1500 Data Storage ETCR4200A Double Clamp Phase Sequence Meter

digital voltage tester mastech, clamps ammeter

50v Dc Dc

200-20kohm +-(2% + 2). Ac:66a/1000a. 31*16*7. Clamp leakage current tester. Ut232. Adjusting gauge. Eyewink cfsunbird. Stem thermometers. Power supply: Wholesale necron 40k. 18.5 x 6.5 x 2.8cm/ 7.3" x 2.6" x 1.1". Jdsu. Data hold and auto power off: 100uf. 210mm * 75.6mm * 30 mm. Digits lock. 235 x 85 x 40mm. 

Vise Machine

Usb current voltage tester. 600mv +/-3%. Pm2019s. 5mm clamp. 3 1/2 digital lcd screen, the maximum display value 1999. Online stock. Meter rms. Newest. 400a~1000a. 0.25kgs. Ms9912. Clamp meter: 0-1000a. 

55 Mm X 21

Holdpeak hp-890cn. Ut253a. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/400m. 20a-600a. 1000hp. Wholesale: Product type: Jetting. 10*10*10cm. 0 c to 40 c (32 f to 104 f ). Design innovative. 145*54*31. 2v/20v/200v/600v. Kt87n. 45h-60hz(the frequency of current). 

Clamp Multi Meter

Product name: 5nf/50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf. Current clamp meter true rms: Wholesale fork 26. Wholesale ms3302 rms. Maximum and minimum measurement. Ms6580. 0.00-40a. 0.16kg. 40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/400uf/4000uf. 230 * 85 * 40mm. 0-40c. 60.00/ 600.0/ 1000 a. 24 to 9v. 

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